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About Us

Where does Brossom come from?

The company name ‘Brossom’ was derived from a concatenation of two words, “Brown” and “Blossom”, to denote essence of what the company represents. Brown, the name of the founder, represents the heart and passion that she puts into delivering value; and Blossom, the most beautiful part of a plants journey that signifies it transformation into beauty and strength, this is the type of growth we aim to deliver to clients through our services. Brossom, passionately evolving


Brossom Consulting aims to reduce our client’s operational burden of back office support by ensuring smooth transition to change initiatives while allowing them to focus on running core business activities.

Our Story

Brossom Consulting is a Change Management company that supports organizations with activities geared towards improving their operations. We support areas of change from assessment to design, implementation and continuous improvement.

What we believe

We believe that the future of any business relies on the courage of its leaders to adapt quickly. Deciding to change the way you do things requires a tremendous amount of honesty. Reflecting on where you are as a business and recognizing that what worked back then and delivered the best results, may no longer suit your business.  We believe that deciding to change is the boldest move that an organization can make. 

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What We Do

We help clients to embrace change not fear it. Through our results driven techniques, we support our clients with the necessary insights to make decisions on what, when and how to improve their business. By forging global product partnerships, we help to create efficient businesses through innovative solutions, that will not only improve their operations and by extension deliver greater value to customers.  Our services are carefully curated to take you through you transformation journey 



we perform a health check and assess your future needs 



we manage and execute the implementation of processes and solutions. 



we help you to keep an eye on the business with automations tools and reporting



We are here when you need us. We provide trainings, product support and professional services

How we do it - preserve your legacy

Even though you are evolving we know that there are some parts of your organization that you cherish and will remain the core of who you are. At Brossom we are passionate about managing change the right way, to ensure that your organization doesn't lose itself as you grow. That is why we provide a 


To form continuous partnerships with clients that allow us to understand and satisfy their progressive needs through innovative solutions that will help them to become more efficient and remain competitive.


We contribute to the continuous improvement of our clients’ businesses by delivering services, through effective relationships, that not only achieve their objectives but also give a true sense of satisfaction.

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Core Values


We have a passion for delivering great results. We are flexible in our approach and go the extra mile to achieve what is best for the client.  We are committed to finding the best solution to get the job done well.


The clients’ objectives are aligned with our own; their success is our success and if they fail, so do we. As such, we work as a team with our clients towards a common goal.


We use our expertise to deliver what we promise at a superb quality while maintaining open and honest communication. 

What can we help you to improve?

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